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The P106 is less open than a P92/Kopitar/Sakic (I personally find them all to be incredibly similar). It's definitely open, not like a PM9 or P88 that some people describe as "slightly open" when they're more or less totally closed, but it's not super open, it's a bit less open than my Kopitar when I hold them side by side. It's also not a wedge like a Drury, it's more like a Sakic type of curve, fairly closed from heel to mid blade, then opens more from mid blade to toe. It also has an unconventional profile, lots of rocker, especially at the heel, and a somewhat short blade too (not actually that short, but to me it seems to play short because of the rocker, if that makes sense). It's definitely a curve that I like, but if you want something more open than a Sakic (especially in the mid blade area), then it's probably a poor choice.

If I were you, I'd be looking at a P08 or a Versteeg pro, though they're only available on expensive sticks (P08 on top of the line Bauers, Versteeg pro on the Warrior customizer). I know you said you didn't like the true Ovy pro, but the P08 is a toned down version, somewhere between an Ovy pro and a Sakic, it might work for you. The Versteeg pro seem to be similar to a Sakic, but more of a heel with a toe kink than a smooth mid/heel, might work too.

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