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Summer O' Puzzles (#1 posted)

Not to be confused with the Summer of Parise or the infamous Summer of Kovalchuk, I've decided to hold a puzzle/riddle contest this summer. All the riddles and puzzles will be Devils, board or NHL related. I have tons of ideas for some, if you have any ideas or comments, PM me and I'll definitely incorporate them.

Note: Might be a little hard at first before I gauge how many hints, etc. I should include from the getgo.

  • Every riddle/puzzle will be worth one point. 1st person to get a round correct will receive one bonus point.
  • Answer submissions should be through PM to me, NOT posted here
  • Round will remain open for one day after someone gets the answer correct.
  • You have unlimited guesses per round, but most of the time, you'll know when you have the answer right, so don't bother guessing randomly.
  • Hints will be given out every day (at least). If you are stuck on a round, PM me so I can figure out where people are stuck and post an appropriate hint.
  • Each round will consist of one puzzle/riddle. Sometimes though, they will contain more than one step. Again, answers will be obvious when you have them!
  • This contest is themed. Think Devils history, Devils players, NHL related topics and current events (Draft, Free Agency, etc.).
  • Board bragging rights up for grabs!!

Official Round 1 puzzle now posted below. Hints incoming, post below if you want them!

Title: Regular Ice-breakers


Round #1 hints:
Hint 1- Each clue is made up of three numbers. The first number has a range from 1 to 82..


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