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06-13-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
First of all, it doesn't matter what a damn soul on here thinks about Martin. It matters what other GMs think. I watched Martin play like a top 3 blueliner for 6 yrs, then have an off yr. Every mistake became magnified and he became such a scapegoat that people started to blame him for plays when he wasn't even on the ice. Scuderi was vilified in much the same way... He is doing ok now though, big part of a second cup winning team I hear...

Other GMs aren't going to write a guy off after playing well for yrs and having one bad season. People act as if he finished -20 and not + 9 on the year. I'm not a big proponent of the +/- but it isn't easy to finish +9 if you had the type of season some are trying to portray that he had.

Let me ask you this, is Duncan Keith a bad blueliner also? His 10-11 campaign was pretty brutal and a definite bad year for him. Since one bad year defines a player, is it fair to say Keith sucks now?

Secondly, I'm not worried about the Pens defense. I don't get into knee jerk reactions. Two seasons ago the same group of players were part of one of the Pens best defensive teams in 15+ yrs.

Finally, someone has to be moved to make room for Bortuzzo and Strait who are fine young blueliners, who will be waiver eligible this season. Then they have Despres and Morrow who will be ready to step in no later than '13, with Despres likely to force his way into the top 6 this season.
Don't like this comparison because Keith's resume of better seasons tops anything Martin's done. Keith's a Norris Winner and was #1 DMan on the Canadian Olympic team and his previous two years were just as good although they flew under the radar. Keith was drastically overworked playing 30 minutes a night because of no depth on Hawks D and he still produced a lot offensively. Keith had a great Playoff series against Vancouver in 2010-2011 as well.

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