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06-13-2012, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by JR303 View Post
Is this a joke? BECAUSE?

First of all, Hartnell, Timonen, Vokoun and Forsberg had to walk because Liepold sold the team out from under Poile in very dramatic, not to mention public, fashion. He "let" Hartnell and Timonen walk to PHI early and got assets back for their inevitable departure. His budget was slashed to the floor and with the very public problems that arose from it, he had to ice a team on a shoestring bugdet, with an owner that wanted out and ended up having to overpay a couple of guys to get to the floor because the circus it turned into was too much for many guys to want to sign here. He did all that, stood by Trotz and in the midst of all of that they got the team into the playoffs all except 1 single year since. And we only missed that season by a point or two. Add in the Boots fiasco that took a season or 2 to get worked out, added more budgetary constraints and I think that in the face of some ridiculous adversity, Poile, and to an extent Trotz, have shown that they can weather the storm, put together a strong team and be a consistent threat.

You may not like it, you might want to ignore extenuating circumstances, but they are facts, and given that he not only did his job, he did it well, signed extensions in the face of monetary issues and has this team on the right track, I think your short-sighted hindsight is a slap in the face. You don't have to agree with his moves, and by all means, be as critical as you want, but ffs at least look at the facts.

I've seen you and several others lambasting him for not getting something done with Suter. Okay, but since there's been a rumored 7-7.5 / 7 years on the table since last fall, done the "things" that Suter insisted on during the season, was aggressive at the deadline (something you wished for a post or 2 up, but called him on at the time) has been in contact with Suter, actually went to Suter's house, has done every single thing he can to get Suter signed, and listened to the things Suter is saying he wants and they all describe Nashville to a "T", and has said the only hold up is Suter, what in the world would you have him do?

There is a faction that likes to ***** about moves the team makes, and I understand it, but these things don't happen in a vacuum, they are real, tangible actions. The misguided angst and disappointment is rampant around here, and honestly, it's made this forum rather un-enjoyable.
Umm Forsberg was obtained in the deal which Nashville Traded Timonen and Hartnell. Forsberg was not going to stay in Nashville. Sure that was part of the firesale but Poile is linked to the damage whether you like it or not. Who was around watching this happen? Suter and Weber. Suter and Weber have also been around for one bs thing after another. Rads, etc etc.

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