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Originally Posted by welcometothebigshow2 View Post
I really don't know why Nevin and co. were fired. I doubt we will ever know. But yeah, those are some strange comparisons for Gagne, not only two completely different players, but they like you said, Bissonette is more of a playmaker. I think what they were trying to do is compare him to a former Wildcat with Bernier. I personally see him like a little bit less physical Rick Nash, the same guy who he compares himself too. The guy also has lots of room to grow at barely 160 pounds if that is correct measurements. Very excited to see if Flynn will keep him for the year. Playing Espoir this year a year of AAA would definetly benefit him, but it would not shock me to see him in the line-up. Would you like me to try some comparisons for other Wildcats draftees? I seem to have gotten lots of time on my hands lately...
I think its almost a gurantee Gagne play AAA this next season. Flynn has mentioned this years draft is for the future. Doubt we see any draftees making the team this season. IMO, Tanner MacCabe is the most ready player the Wildcats drafted if you disregard the American kids. And with a surplus on D , he too will even me sent back. Plus theres 16-17 potential returnees all together plus Dubeau, Veilleux and Racine from Shawinigan. Plus the likes of Sweeney , Labbe ,Centis Jorge , Pitre and they signed Hodge last week. Plus you can count on a few FAs invited to camp , so theres very few , if not any spots available. Absolutely , if youd like to . I really enjoy all your posts and info. I dont know a whole bunch about many kids, espcially the Quebec draftees. I venture to watch some local Maritime kids but dont see much ,if any, of the Quebec AAA and Espoir ..

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