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06-13-2012, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by EnglishDevil View Post
As a neutral fan (as neutral as a NJ fan can be towards NYR ) i think there is a solid middle ground to be met between these two teams.

Obviously Columbus (rightfully so) will ask for a lot, presumably they want young surefire talent coming back their way for parting with their franchise player. On the NYR side of the coin, they've got a wealth of prospects, defenceman and picks; things a rebuilding Columbus team would definitely love to have.

I completely agree with the assessment that Kreider is off limits for NYR, he's clearly very gifted and had a great playoffs, he was consistently the most dangerous player on the ice against my Devils. Although Columbus fans will argue he's exactly what they should be getting back for a superstar in Rick Nash, i still think they shouldn't be too quick to sneeze at what the Rangers can potentially offer.

In my mind something along the lines of the following seems like a potentially appealing deal for both sides:


Rick Nash


Brandon Dubinsky - Clearly a talented player who struggled to find his form a little bit this season. Obviously he makes a logical starting point, as it sends a proven NHL forward (who's by no means a slouch) back to Columbus and also helps balance out the salary side of things considering the fairly large price tag that comes the Rangers way along with Nash.

Michael Del Zotto - Obviously a skilled defenceman who needs to work a little on the defensive side of his game, but has bucket loads of potential and offensive potency to boot. Although with their recent acquisition of Jack Johnson and the existing presence of Tyutin and Wisniewski on their blueline; it gives Columbus a deep, smooth skating blueline that can move the puck efficiently. I imagine MDZ as being expendable for the right price given that the Rangers have Girardi, Staal and McDonagh to lead their blueline regardless.

J.T Miller - Probably the Rangers top prospect outside of Kreider, pretty much a given that one of the two has to go back to Columbus to make this deal work; Nash is a proven superstar in this league and the Blue Jackets definitely can't replace his presence up front with Brandon Dubinsky alone. This gives Columbus a nice prospect who promises to a skilled player in the NHL sooner rather than later, something they'll definitely need to accompany their decent defensive core.

NYR 1st 2012 (28th Overall) - I believe NYR is picking 28th overall (don't throw me under the bus if i'm wrong, i didn't check; either way it's a late first from being ECF representatives and having the most points in the east). It gives Columbus another nice pick in a relatively strong depth draft that they can use to strengthen a position of weakness (I'm thinking Goaltender) that they wouldn't use their own 2nd overall pick on. There are a lot of nice goaltenders in this draft that will be available towards the end of the 1st round, having another first rounder never hurts and allows Columbus to stockpile even more depth in their prospect pool as they go through their rebuild.


This is merely my suggestion as a neutral fan, i think the NYR pay a sufficiently steep price to acquire their superstar forward while CBJ receive substantial quantity AND quality for their captain. Although you can argue they'd want Kreider, or Girardi/Stepan etc, i think this package is both reasonable and addresses both teams needs.

You could perhaps swap Stepan for Dubinsky without it damaging the value too much; although i'm not sure NYR fans will share my sentiment.

- EnglishDevil
This is a well reasoned post, and if a deal goes down this is what I expect it to look like.

I can understand if Columbus fans think they deserve more, but I don't think it will happen. Howson may ask, but I don't think Sather will budge much more than this.

As a NYR fan I want Nash but losing Del Zotto and Miller would definitely keep me up at night. Which IMO is a sign that 2 sides are approaching fair value.

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