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06-13-2012, 07:50 PM
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Thanks alot for all the info. Seem to look right to what I know. Like I said before the only players I seen out of th picks were the local guys. Seen quite a bit of Simpson and liked that pick. I can see him being an affiliate player next season.Hoepfully he fills out more before training camp. Other than that saw a bit of Pugsley. I liked his skating and work ethic. He dosnt shy away from the battles along the boards or corners. Shows a little bit of grit as well. Kinda reminds me of Chris Morehouse with better hands and that can put up better numbers. Watched Gray but I cant see him contributing at this level. He was OK but that was it. His all around game is alright but nothing too impressive ,imo. And last but not least , MaCabe. Really liked this pick. Lots of people have tons to say about this kid and nothing negative. I think he is the most ready player the Cats drafted ,aside from the Americans cause I dont know about them. Unfortunately the Wildcats have a surplus of D otherwise I believe he could have made it out of camp. Reminds me a bit of the Downe story. Was ready at 16 however, in 09-10 we had a strong team and back end so Danny Flynn opted to send him back an extra year knowing he was ready. So he jumped in the next season and has been improviong ever since. His play reminds me Matt Boyle , obviously with more talent and potential.Has a much better shot. I believe hes going to get another year of seasoning then jump in , in 2013-2014. Hes a stay at home , physical dman who will drop the gloves if needed. At 6 foot 1 205lbs at 16 years old , I have a real good feeling about this guy.. Think he is going to be a solid #4..

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