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Originally Posted by Mr Bojanglez View Post
I agree. And when all the talk was "ohh you signed Kovalchuk, so that means you chose him over Parise" talk was going on - I was OK. I thought / think Kovalchuk is the more valuable player. Generally the more durable player (despite his back issues).

The main thing for me, and probably a couple devil fans, look at it is: He apparently played a huge role as our captain. He's going to breakdown. Look at his stats. Its a VERY small sample size, but he's not getting close to his career high again. But he'll always work his ass off, and for another 7-8 years he'll still be pretty good. I think its either us, Detroit, or an absurd high-bidder.

The way he talks, though. He likes the area. He's got himself a wifey (girlfriend, whatever). I know you all rag on NJ, but it's really a decent area depending on what you're looking for. Detroit is only mildy better than us (edge in goal). We'll see. I don't need him, but i would be very happy to retain him.
A little off topic but I love nj. The hard water kills me but I can see myself moving there one day. Im a native Queens resident. /youcare

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