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06-13-2012, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mkraayen View Post
While many claim lack of developing goaltending has always been the Sting's downfall, can we just let this play out. Could/should Brandon Hope have played more this season? Yes, I totally agree he could have. But when your team is ravaged by injuries and struggling to string together wins, it becomes increasingly more difficult to put in a struggling goaltender. Had he been playing more, its definitely realistic his confidence in his own abilities would go up. As well, more playing time would have reassured him that the organized was confident in him - thus allowing him to relax a little & not feel he was always on a short leash. But when the Sting gave him opportunity, it typically did little to give reason they should trust him between the pipes. Given the fact the Sting were "all-in" this year, they needed to win now & play who gave the team their best chance at that result. Fact of the matter is, it went both ways, and made for an ongoing struggle. Hope's GAA & Save% were the lowest on the club in both his seasons here. A fresh start, was probably in the best interest of both Hope & the Sting. Both can move on. So let's as fans move on. Brandon was/is extremely well liked by the fans and put up with a lot while still keeping an honest & upbeat attitude from what we could tell, so it's understandable there's a little more hurt within the fanbase now that he has departed. In hindsight of the trade, lets allow the new season to begin & see how he fairs in Owen Sound before we even begin to breakdown the trade. And even then, his performance there, cannot equate to how he would play in Sarnia for the 2012-13 season. Rather than rip the organization that we support, how about we show some support and applaud them for moving him when it needed to be done - for the sake of both sides.
got to love damage control. but no support here for how we develop goalies until we actually develop one. the rumour is hopey wanted out just like ritchie and kujawinski and who next? and what excuse will we use for them. i remember similar bs comments about kujawinski and why he didn't deserve ice here. that bit us in the ass and will continue to do so for three more years. i wont be suprised at all when hopey does the same. for three more years. we have a history here. and it aint pretty. especially with goalies. someone said it earlier. all goalies who come here have there stats plummit. and then they go elsewhere and they improve dramaticly. soupy and maxie are examples.

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