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06-13-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
People, for some reason, believe that younger players are inherently better at the shoot-out. I think it's the type of player. Iginla is a sniper, but never really good at the shoot-out because every goalie had the book on him because he shoots. Likewise, Jokinen and Glencross pull the same move everytime. I think Iginla will have a better year condsidering how much he's changed his routine.

The best team at the shoot-out is one of the oldest teams in the league, according to quanthockey. Jersey, San Jose, Detroit, and Boston (exclude Minny) are all old teams. Likewise, veteran guys like Kovy, Burrows, Spezza, Elias, Hedjuk, Alfredsson, Handzus, Selanne, Bertuzzi and Datsuk are all guys really good on the shoot-out.

Christenson has been among the best shoot-out players in the past two years. Also, he had 52.6 SO% this year, 49.4 the year before, and 48.8 in the previous year. Wellwood is another guy who can hold down both areas. If Jokinen doesn't resign, we should go after Stoll or Christenson.

Because the shoot-out is so important for points, it's like a special teams area of the game. Doing nothing about it is just as foolish as doing nothing about our poor face-offs. IMO anyways.
I think it's less that we believe younger players are inherently better, and more that we know most of our older vets suck at it (Tanguay and Jokinen notwithstanding) whereas we don't know that for the younger ones.

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