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06-14-2012, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
I don't think there is a lot of rumors are there?

Bobby Mac's assessment on the pick is probably accurate, but I think that's more of an opinion rather than inside info.

Same with RLR's report that we're open to trading the pick.

Now maybe I'm incredibly optimistic, but I still think Yakupov is the most likely result in all this.

Unless Tambo's a complete moron(ok not as much as I think he is), as is Lowe, Stu and now MacT, I don't think they can expect a Murray, Trouba, Reinhart, Dumba or Rielly to come in and fix a leaky D.

And unless our scouts see something different than the 9/10 scouts Bobby Mac interviewed, or the 136/140 scouts The pipeline show interviewed, both saying Yakupov is the best talent in the draft, I think we can expect Yakupov to give cheesy answers for being picked 1st overall by Oilers.

I think there is increased interest in trading the pick due to the fact that we have 3 stalwarts on the offensive end, and very little on the defensive side. In the end though, I think we'll be adding another RWer.
I certainly hope you're right, but I am less optimistic than you atm. Yakupov adds elite skills we are still lacking. He's fun, charismatic, and an easy sell. Imo, it's a complete no brainer to take him. But the rumours this year are far more persistent and come from a variety of places. A week ago, I may have agreed with you. Now, I am less certain.

My consolation is that I remember being apprehensive the week before the Hall and RNH picks as well, before more info came out that reassured me those were our guys. I hope this happens again

Originally Posted by OilerTyler View Post
Since when did Schultz and Gardiner become a package deal?
It isn't a certainty, but if TO is in the mix largely because Schultz's best friend is playing there, it certainly wouldn't hurt our chances if we added Gardiner.

Originally Posted by The Great Ones View Post
Bob McKenzie isn't God, you know. So we're going to take a guy who was a healthy scratch last year and was constantly *****ed at by leaf fans for a can't miss, consensus number one pick + 5th overall? Sure, whatever. If that's the best the Oilers can do, then why the **** would they do it? Because *gasp* The McKenzie says so?
Not god but by far the most reliable source in the hockey media. His personal opinions may not always be 100%, but his sourced information is. Whether his recent statement is the former or the latter is up for debate. I hope it is the former.
Originally Posted by speeds View Post
How much should a team worry about 10-15 years when you only get the player for 7 years before he goes UFA?

It's probably true that having had the player for 7 years helps you to retain him into his UFA years, but it's not a certainty, and arguably less of a certainty than accurately projecting which player will be better for years 1-6 while the other will be better for years 7-15
Couldn't agree more. With the limited number of RFA years, it's a necessity to get the most out of your players in their early years. If Murray turns into the next Neidermeyer, but it takes 8 years, are we really better off? Hall and co could have gone elsewhere by then and we'd be mostly reliant on Murray to win. We should take the superstar forward who will help us now.

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