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Originally Posted by My Sweet Shadow View Post
Even that description's a little misleading. You don't lose a ball "for every" playoff appearance or first overall. Essentially there's two criteria:

1) Missed the playoffs in each of the previous 3 seasons.
2) Didn't have the 1st overall selection over the last 4 drafts.

If you met both criteria, you got 3 balls.
If you made the playoffs only once OR had the 1st overall only once, you got 2 balls.
If you had two or more of any combination of those two (playoff appearances or 1st overalls), then you only got 1 ball.

Thanks for starting the thread though; it'll definitely be useful with all this lock-out talk flying around.
I cut and pasted it from an article written just before the draft. I think if you look at it, it's saying the same thing you are saying with the * of, you got at least 1 ball.

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