Thread: Proposal: Mike Ribeiro to Anaheim
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06-14-2012, 07:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
I wasn't expecting that. If he's willing to come here, I'm fine with this trade.
If you would like an explanation:

1) Owner Tom Gaglardi said this leadership core isn't getting it done. They've missed the playoffs the past 4 years, and the best players haven't been their best players down the stretch.

2) Gaglardi and GM Joe Nieuwendyk said the team wants to get younger. They are looking for NHL ready talent in exchange for some of the vets. Therefore, Dallas' pro scouts would likely need to believe Holland is ready for Top 6 duty in the NHL.

3) Don't ask me to explain why because I can't ... I don't get the impression the front office is a big fan of Ribeiro's. I've felt that way for a while with no legitimate proof to point to, but recently a local radio guy with ties to the team (he does some of their color on TV/radio when Razor is with HNIC) mentioned in a blog that was actually the case.

4) A gaggle of front office types including the owner, GM, president, and coach all mentioned getting more centers as being a top priority.

5) GMJN said his amateur scouts are high on the Top 50 prospects, and this gives them a 3rd pick in the Top 50 (after LA blew Dallas' other Top 50 pick ... )

I agreed to this trade on the Dallas forum for those reasons more so than thinking this is a great move by Dallas. Don't get me wrong ... the value is very good. I just don't understand you have a guy in Ribeiro who loves the city, loves the team, and he's consistently putting up very good numbers for you (0.8 ppg). If center is such a huge need, why send out a very good center? There's got to be something off ice that has the Stars panties in a bunch. On paper and watching him on the ice, Ribeiro is a very good 2nd line center.

Holland and the 36th pick are excellent assets, but there is considerably more risk that those assets fail to contribute on ice in the NHL than Ribeiro. I'd definitely hope for the best, but it seems when you look back after a few years on these type of trades, the team getting the established player always wins in a landslide.

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