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06-14-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Not really. That's Lavi propaganda you're regurgitating.

They played defense first, and won a cup. So did Boston and LA.

The Blackhawks were a defense first team. Just because they have some guys who are good with the puck on their stick and flashy offensively doesn't mean they don't play defense first.

As far as the Red Wings go, you're out in left field with that drivel. They BROUGHT the left wing lock to the NHL. Barry Smith learned it in Czechoslovakia and introduced it to Bowman.

If the Blackhawks were this "puck possession" team that you claim them to be, where did they rank among the teams that year in possession time?

I had to LOL at this one. So GM's and coaches go in for interviews and the owner asks, "What are you going to do to bring me a cup?"

Prospective coach or GM says, "We will hopefully be good, hopefully be healthy and hopefully get a good matchup in the playoffs, and will need some luck too."

Yeah that's all it takes.

Yes, as a 17 pt favorite they LOST to a team that stressed DEFENSE, the New England Patriots. Since Belichick became a 50+ pass a game guy and got away from
defense first, he hasn't won a SB. He lost the last two to a DEFENSE FIRST team, the NYG

The Cardinals had the third best pitching in the postseason that year, and out pitched the Philles. Remember Carpenter in game 7 out pitching the Doctor himself in his own yard.

That's the exception, not the rule. Just like the aberration in Carolina.

Another exception and not the rule. Leighton didn't win a cup, and Niemi is far better than Michael Leighton.

No, defense wins a large majority of the time and usually rules the day.

Besides Clarke and his idiotic "If the players play good the goalie plays good" garbage, almost every cup winner is built from the net out. That's the right way, otherwise we would have goalies like Niemi winning cups every year. That doesn't happen.

There are 30 GM's, and they all will never build their teams the exact same way. For starters there aren't enough stud goalies to go around. Whoever plays the best defensively, and it is almost always a defense first team, usually with a stud goalie, wins the cup.

Yeah the Kings were real balanced. You have such love for Lavy and his pond hockey you can't objectively look at the facts, and what wins 99% of the time in this league. You can cling to the false hope that racing up and down the ice will bring a cup here, but it hasn't and it never will.

Lombardi had a plan. It started with Taylor drafting Quick, and the team was built from the net out and played defense first. That's why they have the cup.
I could respond to all this, and prove that you're wrong again..but it's clear it would be wasting my time. So I'll leave it with a.. you really just don't know what the hell you're talking about.

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