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06-14-2012, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
What the hell is skill? So Iginla isn't skilled, meaning he "has no talent with the puck", but Backlund is? You really, really lost me here. Matt Cullen is the 4th/5th best shoot-out guy in the league, but has more skill than Iginla? The shoot-out is a skill, face-offs is a skill, hitting is a skill, etc, therefore, I proposed guys who've demonstrating these shoot-out skills where you propose someone who hasn't demonstrated shoot-out skills. Backlund, Baestchi and Horak might be those guys, but ****, so might PL3 if he was given a chance.

I attempted to associate the shoot-out with the type of players, such as dangler, power forward, two-way player, etc., but I have no statistical evidence to make that claim. Nor do you. I certainly hope Feaster doesn't make his decisions on poor evidence.

P.S - Backlund couldn't beat a hog-tied goalie 1-on-1. Horak is still too early to say for sure, but hasn't indicated any better. Baerrschi maybe, but Baertschi is known to be a playmaker. And when i've seen Iginla this year, he's shown he can deke pretty well. He's completely changed his shoot-out execution.
I was talking Cervenka, not horak, he doesn't have a roster spot coming into next season. When I'm talking skill, I'm talking about guys that can do fun things with the puck.

When someone is talking hockey and says something about skill guys, they're talking about finesse players. While there are of course exceptions to everything... Guys who tend to be good at the shootout or also guys who tend to be good with the puck, good at making moves and of course have magnificent hands.

If you ever watched the Rockets when backlund wad there, or watched him play for Sweden at the world's.... He was doing amazing things, he was fun to watch and he was dangerous every time he hit the ice... Those creative guys are what you want in the shootout.

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