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06-14-2012, 09:32 AM
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Los Angeles Kings - Stanley Cup Champions. Say it, and Believe it

"It's a sea change in Kings history: 45 years of bitter disappointment and bad memories consigned to the deep. None of that matters anymore. Strange and surreal as it sounds, they really are NHL champs.

The Kings are Stanley Cup champions. And after watching this team for the better part of two decades though not nearly as long as many die-hards there is no way to express how surreal it is to write those words in that order while sober.

Let's bury that curved stick somewhere at sea and with it dump all the angst and bitterness of 45 years of striving but failing, of building around veterans then reversing course to emphasize youth and then starting all over again. They finally got it right, starting with Dave Taylor as the general manager who put the core players in place and finished off by Dean Lombardi, who applied the necessary final touches.

Consign to the deep all the regrets over the long-ago policy of trading first-round draft picks that became other teams' Hall of Fame players for veterans who had little long-term impact. They drafted well and used trades and free agency to fill holes they couldn't plug from within, the only sound strategy in a salary-cap era.

Push aside the sadness that the powerful Bob Pulford-coached teams always encountered a playoff roadblock and never advanced as far as they should have. Honor that memory, but don't agonize over it anymore."

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