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06-14-2012, 10:02 AM
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I am SO happy about the perfect game but I wish the team would get more credit.

Perfect game means no errors. Not just Cain, but everybody.

Perfect game means no getting on base after a strikeout because Posey couldn't hold the final strike. Didn't happen.

And just like most (all?) no-no's, it takes some killer defensive plays.

Not that I am not jacked, but in terms of giving the pitcher ALL the credit, I am waiting until the day we see a no-no or perfect game with no ball being put into play. Then and pretty much only then can you give all the credit to the pitcher. Probably never happen since I think that means 27 K's, but point is, no-no's and perfect games especially deserve to have credit given to the entire team (Except a DH in an AL park).

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