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06-14-2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by DEVILS ALL THE WAY View Post
Who cares !!!

Zach isn't signing before july 1st, period. The Rangers can say they'll throw a Richards type deal his way and I wouldn't be a tad nervous.

He'll get 30 offers in two weeks, so what teams are saying now will have no impact on our negotiations come july 1st. If the guy waited 11 months and 2 weeks... one would think that a extra 14 days is the route he's about to take.

Maybe, but Parise said it could get done before July 1, and DeBoer was quick to say he might not make UFA.

Originally Posted by Devils86 View Post
If Parise wants blood from a stone he will not get it here, I think it will play out something like this. Lou makes an offer say in the 6.5/7 million range says this is it. We have always been an organization that can build an entire team. We may front load some but we are not going to go anywhere near Kovy waters again. July 1 comes, Zack gets offers. Lou restructures the contract a bit to make it closer but it still does not approach the monetary value of another contract and tells Zach. You are the Captain, the face of our franchise, we will put a very good team on the ice year in year out. Now the choice is yours, which is more important to you.

Of all the players who left via FA the only one to be really successful was Neids. I'm not counting Rafalski because he wanted to stay(had just finished building a house) and we did not make a competitive offer.
Ya, there's no way we're going to make the highest offer to him. I just hope that everything he has said about wanting a winner and appreciating everything the Devils have done for him is real.

Also, there's a poster in the trade board Parise thread who doesn't believe me when I said that Parise's fiancee is a teacher in NJ and would prefer to stay. Since you actually know her, maybe you could back me up?

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