Thread: GDT: Offseason moves part 2
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06-14-2012, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Miokid View Post
It's not a matter of young guy, it's a matter of skill guys. In my honest opinion, Flames don't have a ton of skill, the three guys I named should have the most "skill", pure talent with the puck on the team.
Jerome's not a skill player, he's a shooter, so is Cammy. Olli is so, so... and Tanguay had a drop off from an amazing S.O last season.

When I think of pure skill, guys who should be able to do some neat things with a puck and beat a goalie 1 on 1, it's the three I named there. Backlund hasn't shown it, but there were flashes where he was trying to make a move instead of a wrister too tight in (see Iginla S.O attempts).

Of course Detroit is amazing, what's the running theme here? Skill.
Dats + Zett is 1-2 punch anyone would want going into a best of three.
I beg to differ. I understand what you mean by "skill." Tanguay has the most skill of any player we can ice including the guys you mentioned. Stempniak has more skill than Backlund.

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