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Originally Posted by healthyscratch View Post
Holik may have a point about the Flyers thrusting players into roles that may not befit them. I truly believe that with Richards. As I pointed out when he was with the Flyers ..he was thrust into the captaincy when he wasn't necessarily ready and he was deferring to other players like Gagne saying they were more deserving. Then you had the idiot coach deferring to management and agreeing he was ready to be the next Bobby Clark and pushed him into a role he wasn't ready least from an off-ice perspective (locker room, media etc).

Richards is a "one of the guys" player..his role in LA is perfect hence the success. In interviews you can tell Richards is an in the background kind of guy...don't know how many times in one of those recent pieces on the NBCsports or NHL network he's said he's not a big change kind of guy..he doesn't take too well to change. Philly just became not the ideal place for him anymore much drama although maybe he and Carter beared some responsibility too as has been discussed/argued ad nauseaum.

Carter was a similar case but not as much as Richards. Carter was never going to be Malkin and Richards was never going to be Crosby yet we made them the faces of the franchise like those two. It was not the right way to go about it. They needed to be very good ancillary players like they are in LA but that was hard to do given their contracts and money and how we didn't have much in the way of prospects and cap space. No doubt management bears a great responsibility for how those two were handled but those two players are not without their own faults. Fact is for those two and for management is was time to separate and take different paths. The trades needed to happen for the benefit of everybody...period.

Ironically enough it's worked out better for Carter and Richards thus far but again I give credit to management for waking up and engaging in a paradigm change of sorts. They didn't remain stubborn. This is why I have decided to judge them forward since that fateful trade last summer. I still think the Flyers will be just fine but yes management will need to not regress any further..they took a step back to take a few steps forward in the coming years but a few dumb moves and we can be back to square one. This offseason's moves and next year will dictate whether they can win it by years 4 or 5 in a best case scenario. We shall see.

Other than that point that Holik made..the biggest point is on his head. Never liked the guy and he sounds dorky when he's on NHL network as an analyst. Didn't play dorky though..guy was a moose on the ice.

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