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Originally Posted by dead_golem View Post
I think that was a bigger issue for Raycroft than Toivonen.

Toivonen had that bad ankle injury, missed most of a year, and was rusty when he came back. Rather than get him playing time I recall he spent most of the year getting jerked around being 3rd goalie in Boston, down to Prov for a weekend, and so on with no regular action. He then got traded to St. Louis, who more or less did the same exact thing with him the next year. Not exactly Plan A for developing a goaltender.

What killed Toivonen's NHL future is probably not as simple as one thing, whether it was a ankle that was never quite the same, lost development or confidence due to mismanagement following that injury by both Boston and St. Louis, management change and a team in disarray in Boston 2006, or changes to the game and equipment...probably all played a piece of the puzzle. My main point here is prior to the ankle injury, all signs were pointing to Toivonen being a NHL starter. Two consecutive strong seasons in Providence were followed by a good start to NHL action that was derailed by the season ending injury after just 20 games.

Both he and Raycroft were systems based/positional goalies, but Toivonen had both better size and athleticism and was in my mind a more talented goalie from the get go.

Also, to the OP...Ryabchinkov is why the Bruins don't draft goalies in the 1st round.
The ankle is what might have killed off his career but before that teams had the book on him:shoot high and that's where a lot the goals went. His good years in Prov were pre lockout with big equipment. His numbers after the lockout no matter the year aren't good. His best year he had a .914 which isn't bad but it's not great either and it's all down hill from there.

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