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06-14-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
once I seen the thread title and you as the last post, I didn't even need to read your post. already knew what it would say.. typical

for someone like me who busts my ass 40+ hours a week and barely making $400 a week, tickets going up are something we dont like and sometimes can't afford. not sure what minimum wage is in canada but its 7.25 here which roughly equals $250 after taxes. regular season lower bowl pushes $100 .. almost a weeks work.. regardless, we are a growing hockey town and we don't need northern elitists constantly reminding us of our shortcomings. this is our board and I steer away from the main boards at times to avoid the posts you constantly bring to the nashville predators forum
i agree. it's predictable when you see the poster....

isn't our ticket pricing somehow tied into metro and the lease seems like 101st has posted something on it from time to time.. something about a league average, I just don't quite remember. (it may be something else completely)

anyway, it seems like they have gone up every year. i don't like it, but it's there.

I hate the dynamic ticket pricing model..... but it seems to be here to stay right now.

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