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06-14-2012, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ChompChomp View Post
I am SO happy about the perfect game but I wish the team would get more credit.

Perfect game means no errors. Not just Cain, but everybody.

Perfect game means no getting on base after a strikeout because Posey couldn't hold the final strike. Didn't happen.

And just like most (all?) no-no's, it takes some killer defensive plays.

Not that I am not jacked, but in terms of giving the pitcher ALL the credit, I am waiting until the day we see a no-no or perfect game with no ball being put into play. Then and pretty much only then can you give all the credit to the pitcher. Probably never happen since I think that means 27 K's, but point is, no-no's and perfect games especially deserve to have credit given to the entire team (Except a DH in an AL park).
The team does get plenty of credit for this. It was the team putting up 10 runs that allowed Cain to pitch with a lot more freedom and pitch for the perfect game in the first place. He knows that and everyone that watched it knows that. He also doesn't get that perfect game without some great plays by Melky, Blanco, and Arias. And no pitcher throws a perfect game without the catcher calling a perfect game.

But Cain will of course get the lion's share of the credit because it all stems from his arm and that horse deserves every bit of that credit.

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