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06-14-2012, 04:27 PM
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If the Habs bring in enough guys through free agency or trade that his contract needs to be moved they'll either waive him to the AHL, waive him to re-entry and take the 3.7 sting for 2 years, or waive him and allow him to find any team in the league to play for.

Or maybe there's a one time thing (not likely) or buyout rules are changed or modified so it wouldn't hurt as much.

But as it stands it would be a 3.5ish cap hit next year, and a 4.5 cap hit the year after and then you have to use X amount of dollars to fill the roster space you're losing with him bought out...makes no sense so a buy out won't happen.

Also, wouldn't shock me if he just plays wiht th Habs. The trade market is rough and free agency even worse.

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