Thread: Confirmed with Link: Stewart re-signed, 1 yr/3M
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06-14-2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
I don't hear what I want to hear, I try to really process everything in a statement and take every possibility into account. The fact that he brought it up at all leads me to believe that it has been discussed. Take that however you wish, as it's just a thought. Don't dig too deep on how I interpret something like that. It's just one of my many thoughts on where this team could be headed. lol
We can break down the statement if you like.

Army's Comments:

"This is a huge year for Chris Stewart, not only as a St. Louis Blue but as an NHL hockey player," Blues general manager Doug Armstrong said this week. "He's a player at (age) 22 and 23 had 28 goals in this league. It's a difficult goal-scoring league. He didn't have a season that he had hoped to have, or we expected him to have. But I don't think it would be wise for us to throw the baby out with the bath water. Is an old saying which means - inadvertently losing or getting rid of something of value while getting rid of something of no value; making a mistake in judgement; an unintended consequence. Or that after one bad season trading Stewart would be a mistake because Stewart is a very talented valuable player still...

"The easiest thing is to trade someone or make a change, but you better bring someone in more competent than the one you're leaving.Sure it would be easy to say Stewart isn't a fit and trade him but if you are going to trade him you need to get a player that you know will perform better then Stewart will next season I believe 'Stewy' has a chance to be what he wants to be and now it's up to him to become that. I think he can be one of the elite power forwards in the game."Yes that is pretty literal that he really thinks Stewart can be one of the best powerwards in the game the reason he traded for him in the first place. His talent and ability are still there. He knew what he was doing when he hired Hitchcock if he truly felt Stewart wasn't a fit in Hitchcock's system he would have traded him by now.

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