Thread: Confirmed with Link: Stewart re-signed, 1 yr/3M
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06-14-2012, 05:49 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by Celtic Note View Post
I thought we were told he couldn't sign for less than his QFA?
The Blues could not have submitted a qualifying offer for less than 3.25M. But they never reached that stage. My read on it is this: Stewart knows the Blues will indeed qualify him. He isn't required to take less than 3.25M unless he's ok with it if the Blues offer. Apparently they did offer this and he signed the deal. It's very likely they discussed scenarios for how the season would play out and what they'd do this time next year under a variety of circumstances. If he'd taken a steeper discount I'm sure the players union would've been none too pleased but this isn't that big a cut, and it's over his cap hit average from the past two seasons.

The bigger signal is that Stewart is genuinely focused on his offseason stuff and just wanted certainty now. Perhaps the Blues hinted that if he would only sign for the QO amount they might be more open to trading him at the draft. He knows he's certainly a trade candidate with the winger situation. He wanted the certainty and it was worth it to him to get the deal behind him and exclusively onto the offseason stuff. Didn't work with Berglund last year but maybe it will for Stewart.

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