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06-14-2012, 06:51 PM
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Shave/grind down a composite stick sole - Lie?

I bought a cheapie Bauer 20 sr composite stick, just to try out something new...
It is a lie 6, P88...
Compared to my old Koho 201 - which is also labeled Lie 6 - the Bauer is 'higher' by quite a bit. I'm getting too much heel strike before the blade makes contact...
The old Koho is perfect and has been my benchmark for all my prior yrs - and it's the last of some 18 of the same stick - so it's getting hung up for reference - plus I would expect that almost 40 yrs old, it's a bit brittle...
Bauer doesn;t seem to make anything in half lies (5.5) and the Bauer 5 lie is definitely as far wrong on the low side.

So My Q - has anyone 'shaved'/filed/ or ground down the sole of any of these modern sticks/blades ??? consequences of doing so ???
is it worth experimenting or will the blade explode on the first slapper ???

...think I need to take off about 3ish mm at the heel (tapered to fore-blade) to get my preferred lie...
thoughts / suggestions ??? appreciated

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