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06-14-2012, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
If anyone is actually hoping we miss an ENTIRE SEASON of hockey, just so the Leafs can have a ... 6% chance... at getting McKinnon... it shows just how sad "Leafs Nation" has become.

I'd prefer a season of hockey. I'd prefer to see us shore up our goaltending, add a veteran top 4 shutdown defender and a veteran defensive two-way centre, dump as much of LACK as possible, dump MacArthur, and make room for Kadri/Frattin. Draft a stud with the 5th overall, and hopefully see this team have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

Better than sitting there for an entire year with your fingers crossed on a 6% chance... that means there's a 94% chance that the Leafs WON'T get the 1st overall pick. There's actually a very good chance we'd end up with a pick in the 8-15 range.... so you'd wait an entire year... for a mid to early 1st round pick. Wooooo.
I don't think there's anyone here hoping that there's a lock-out; just an optimistic outlook that IF there was a lock-out, one positive byproduct of it would be that we'd have another high pick.

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