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06-14-2012, 08:21 PM
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Obviously 64 teams or whatever is just a numbers game...It doesn't exactly mean anything.
I see Medvedev's meaning much differently from the talk in the previous posts. Its more about the system.

Medvedev explained that the new league should be a closed system. “It should be a closed system to have long-term planning and teams can’t be sent off to lose credibility and money.”

“We have no interest in a parallel system,” said Medvedev, who earlier presented his vision of a permanent European league. He was alluding to the difference between a massive club league in Europe like the NHL model in North America versus the European football tradition of having the best teams year by year qualify for another tournament based on the Champions League model.

Rolf Bachmann, COO from SC Bern, was asked to share the opinion of his club

“What we need is a parallel system according to the example of the Champions League in football,” Bachmann noted. What clubs need are the local rivalries against smaller clubs in the national league that are crucial for the fan base, and European competition as the icing on the cake.

The session ended with the moderator informally asking the attendance whether they prefer a parallel European club competition or a permanent pan-European league. The vast majority of those who raised their hands opted for the parallel way.

So now you tell me, without the numbers game of 64 or 1000 teams, which hockey vision do you agree with?

I have no clue why the IIHF is inviting Champions league and Euro Basketball and Handball league representatives for inspiration!

If you want an excellent example just look at the NHL! EVERYONE agrees that its the number 1 in the world. Best with fans, attendance, business, everything. And they don't even need the 2000 year old rivalries

This is what it comes down to:
1) By ignoring the closed system, the individual European teams think they can make a better system than the NHL (which is hilarious)


2) They are not aiming to be a top league capable of attracting the worlds best players. They are settling for a mediocre 2nd

So which system is better for creating a better league, or making Europe more competitive and keeping talent at home? Just a fair answer without any politics. I know most North Americans would agree with Medvedev, or at least all the NHL and club executives.

I think Medvedev knows more about hockey than all these other Europeans; he's certainly done more for it already.

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