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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
Interesting. I'm sorry if I have lots of questions but I'm very intrigued.

Is the official name European Tournament? Where can I find more info? Who runs the tourney? Is it "hosted" like UEFA?
European Trophy. Bo Lennartsson and no, its a invitation tournament. Unless you mean like Group Stage to knockout then yes.

So if the Champions Hockey League never folded, would the ET be competing against it?
ET would mostly lose most of its clubs since it would be alot of hockey for clubs to play in a big pre-season tournament, league and Champions League but it could always find other clubs. Perhaps make a Europa like tournament

Do you think this will evolve into something like the UEFA Champions League?
It can, however I dont believe it will happen. They need to change the rules around and start inviting KHL clubs (I wont count Slovan since they were confirmed before they joined KHL) and bring in Champions more like Continental Cup does.

What's the trophy name & is there tradition behind it?
I cant answer this for you, but Nordic Trophy is only from 2006 and European Trophy took over in 2010, not much history.

Do Europeans consider this more important than their respective league trophy, like UEFA with soccer?
No, not at all, this is just a pre-season tournament and still has some problems to work out, ie, the reason EC Red Bull Salzburg are "Champions"

Is the IIHF involved & do the leagues recognize this tourney?
Nope, the IIHF has nothing to do with this and I dont understand what you mean with your second question. Leagues give clubs the time off should they advance to Red Bull Salute like they do for clubs invited to Spengler Cup.

Do you think there will be NHL participation? Maybe something like the Victoria Cup with the Champions Hockey League?

When are games played & how can I get more details on the format?
Group stage is played from 12.August to 28.November. Red Bull Salute (Championship stage) is played from 13-16.December

Once again sorry for so many questions but I'm very intrigued!
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