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04-05-2006, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by bluef0x
Makes up for that blatant knee-to-knee against Milan Mihalek (the game where Witt and Parker were thrown out) which looked like an intent to injure (Mihalek has had knee surgery, and Witt didn't try to check him, just stuck is leg out)

Havn't seen Witt play much, does he make knee-to-knees this often?
Maybe they are watching him closeley and this is to let him know to knock it off?
I think he's just slow and has trouble adjusting to shifty forwards carrying speed. It's not premeditated or intentional, it's just a function of his lack of agility. Whereas a guy like Weber can still get a shoulder into a darting forward, Witt just doesn't always have what it takes to move himself in the way properly and just has a knee-jerk reaction that ends up as trouble.

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