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06-15-2012, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Mono would, in theory, be the same as any other injury or any other circumstance that leads to losing a developmental season.


I think the reason it has any impact is because it may mask the player not being as good as he was projected to be the year prior. This time last year, plenty of people in the know were talking about Ryan Murray and Nick Ebert being the two best defensemen in the draft. If Ebert had been injured like Galchenyuk or sick like Couture, someone undoubtedly would take him in the top-10 and regret it for the rest of their careers.
Now, come on--injury and Mono are not the same. Injuries can be a sign of a propensity to injury--Pascal LeClaire. They can also have lasting effects if they don't heal properly. And then there are head injuries, which create a whole new risk in the modem NHL. Mono may slow a player's development, but some of that is on the kid to push himself to get back into things ASAP.

Sorry, but Svitov had a lot of problems. I'm not convinced conscription was the sole reason he didn't pan out. Different sport, but serving his country did not ruin David Robinson.

People are still talking Galchenyuk at #2 with an injury that could reoccur or have lasting effects. So, Couture's drop that year now appears wholly unwarranted by comparison.

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