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06-15-2012, 12:31 AM
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Wheels for Sport Court

Hi guys,

First post here. I was pretty good at hockey when I was younger playing travel from about 10-16 years old, but since then I've not played at all. After going to a Cup Final game and my sister having purchased season tickets next year for the Devils, plus it being a sport I liked and I could stand to lose the weight I decided to start playing again. I am 28 now, and after 10 years in my University's computer science department I'm about 50 lbs heavier than I was last time I was on skate (kids, stay active when you get into your mid 20s).

Today I went to play roller hockey at a nearby outdoor rink. I had been given skates by a family friend about a year ago and was trying them out on a rink for the first time. They are Bauer 40-70's with 80a wheels in a 72-72-80-78 setup.

The problem was that I had no grip on the surface. It sounded like two squeegees every time I took a stride, and backwards crossovers were near impossible with my feet slipping out all the time. The rink is covered with a material I later found out was called sport court. It is also not standard sport court, but more like the pattern of a milk crate, with lots of ribs and crossing going on. Very smooth though.

I was wondering what type of wheels I need, or if 80a is right for me. I am about 230lbs 5'11" and was a pretty good skater (better skater and more of an open ice deke guy than mixing it up in the corners) when I was younger. I was fine on blacktop but the sport court threw me. Any advice would certainly help. Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: After reading some more it seems like guys my weight are okay at 80a on sport court. Maybe it's the wheels I currently have on there, so I'm going to add a pic.

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