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06-15-2012, 06:45 AM
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Penner and Stoll have two options, in my mind, to stay with the Kings:

- Much lower discount for contracts of 2 or more years in length or
- Smaller discounts for one-year contracts

Personally, I hope they choose option 2 and I don't even like offering option 1. Option 2 is only available due to this being the last year in a low cap hit for Quick. It gives them a chance to stay with the team for one year as defending champions and everything that comes with that. It also gives them a chance to play a full season at the level of play expected by what they did in the playoffs. I like seeing the kids come up to the big club too and if they can beat these guys out, great. But for now, I don't mind having one season where there's a little more traffic in their way. That it isn't Moreau or Hunter is even better.

That being said, a one-year contract for guys approaching 30 that aren't going to get long, star-level contracts much longer isn't much security for them. I hope they will stay for the next year but will understand if they make other choices.

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