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06-15-2012, 08:13 AM
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I'm basing my thoughts solely on the stats.

Our whole running game was solid last night. All 3 running backs had over 6 yards per carry, with Devine having a 6.4 average, Wolfe 9.0 and Anderson 9.75. The combined for 107 yards on only 13 carries.

At the QB position, Neiswander and Riddle had OK stats, but McPherson 1 for 7, 5 yards and a pick? If anyone saw the game/highlights, was he that bad? It would be hard to assess the work of the WR's. It seems like they were OK, but if QB's weren't great obviously it's hard for them to leave their mark.

I heard Murrell could be a great pass rusher opposite John Bowman. Can't wait to see who's going to get the job.

As for the return game, looks like Washington was the best. He had the best average for kick returns (32 yards) and had a solid night returning punt (13.5 yards). They were all solid in returning punts, but some had low averages in the kick return department.

So excited for the season. I hope next game is televised!

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