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06-15-2012, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
Assuming Yakupov goes #1, Howson could really impress me by taking Grigorenko, if he does he can honestly say he took the best player available. If it's Murray that's fine too, but picking Grigorenko would really show some balls.
I'll remember this post come draft time. Just in case

Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Don Maloney was asked about these injuries not that long ago and he pointed out that GM's have to do the same thing they do all the time with their players--have doctors do a thorough evaluation and figure out how it effects the player in the short and long term. So, it isn't about being clairvoyant. As is often the case, it is about doing your diligence and being able to see details your competitor misses.
This is a good point. Sometimes, it's good to be lucky, so to speak ... or, make your own luck. Figure out what's really going on with an injury, and you might be set up for a draft day steal. I have a feeling that Stevie Y and the Lightning had some inside track on Brett Connolly two summers ago; when everyone thought they might be crazy for taking him sixth overall, they still did. As of right now, I don't think they're regretting that, seeing his excellent play at the WJCs, and the fact that he stuck with the team full-time this last year (though, in a limited role). In my opinion, this guy could be a Tyler Seguin type breakout player next year alongside Steven Stamkos.

The statistical breakdown you provided was a solid one - nice effort. The only gripe I have on that is that statistics only play part-way into what scouts actually look at. Take a guy like Colton Sissons for example ... his point totals weren't that great, but he played for a younger team this year, and one has to account for the fact that he was thrust into a role that he probably wasn't yet suited for. We have him at #31 on our list, ahead of guys who scored more than two times the amount of points that he did.

EDIT: I'm not saying you were basing your breakdown on points only, I'm just adding to your point. Please don't take it the wrong way :-)

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