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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
You should target your hate towards the people of Montreal(that didn't support the team despite great teams) and the politicians(for not building the needed downtown stadium).
Best decision ever made was to not build a stadium. Great decision, if politicians were more aware of the public good instead of private interests and electoralist decisions, we would live in a much better place. Sadely, it was the only good decision made by Bouchard in his entire reign.

As for fans, well name me fans who still support their team after what happened in Mtl ? For christ sake, there were almost as few people in Miami watching the Marlins, the last years, yet, there were never the amount of disrespect toward a fan base that we had to deal with.

The hate should almost entirely go on Bud Selig who did everything he could to ruin baseball in Montreal, the economics of baseball which favor the richest (partly to blame on Selig again) and Brochu and Loria for being *******s owners.

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