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Originally Posted by JacketsFanWest View Post
The only way I see Yakupov falling out of the top 5 is if there was a reason teams were souring on him. Like he didn't interview well at the Combine or tests showed he really did have a concussion or something. But if there was something like that, it would leak. If the Oilers needed fans to understand why they weren't picking them, they might leak it themselves.
No way I see Yakipov dropping past top 2 but if he did I guess the logic is

Edmonton - wants defense
Columbus - bad experience with Russians, might fear picking another one will turn off fanbase
Montreal - needs a center
Islanders - no logic why they wouldn't draft him?
Toronto - Burke not a big fan of Russians

Way I look at it if Edmonton and Columbus do the unthinkable, no way Montreal passes on Nail no matter how bad they need a center. The Islander would be the last possible spot Nail could fall to

Originally Posted by JacketsFanWest View Post
After Yakupov, players could be picked in any order. The Jackets may like Forsberg and Murray, the Oilers Murray and Reinhart, the Canadiens Galy and Grigs, the Islanders Teravainen and Grigs, the Leafs Galy and Forsberg
As an Islanders fan I think Forsberg is probably the top of their list(ie perfect fit with Tavares) but I honestly have no clue who they will draft

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