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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
The statistical breakdown you provided was a solid one - nice effort. The only gripe I have on that is that statistics only play part-way into what scouts actually look at. Take a guy like Colton Sissons for example ... his point totals weren't that great, but he played for a younger team this year, and one has to account for the fact that he was thrust into a role that he probably wasn't yet suited for. We have him at #31 on our list, ahead of guys who scored more than two times the amount of points that he did.

EDIT: I'm not saying you were basing your breakdown on points only, I'm just adding to your point. Please don't take it the wrong way :-)
Oh, I know it was a snapshot look and not a thorough analysis. That's the whole point though--drafting is more art than science, but that isn't to say it is the equivalent of throwing darts at a board. If it were a science, you wouldn't see Patrik Stefan taken #2 overall. If it were all just darts at a board, well, we'd have had more success in the first two rounds by now just based on mere luck.

Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
Here is my fear. Tyler is among, if not, the youngest guy(s) at his position in the entire league. He was brought in after the 07 draft as a developmental coach and his rise has taken him all the way up to, arguably, the third guy from the top of the Hockey operations department in under 5 years. This is the first real draft where we have a chance to get several picks that have significant chances to pan out for the future of the organization and the first real draft which Tyler will be the, for lack of a better term, BMOC at the draft table. With the number of picks in the top 60 we could potentially have before the beginning of the first round, this needs to be the smartest draft ever by the CBJ. We can't half-ass these anymore. Look at the '10 draft now, Straka (55), Archibald (94) and Corbeil (102) all were cut loose without initial offers and Dalton Smith is shaping up to be no better than a fourth liner, fighter-type at this level, and he was taken 34th overall....

Thats Half our 2010 draft class.... 3 guys we didn't even sign to develop and a fourth liner taken with our 2nd round pick....
Yeah, it is a bit of a concern that Tyler is green. As with our green GM, and our green President, there really hasn't been anyone to tutor him...other than Howson himself. I happened to look recently at other teams and was amazed at how seasoned some of their top VP's of hockey ops were--I seem to recall Vancouver and NJ in particular have guys with very long histories. When Tyler was put in this role, I don't think anyone realized how important this year's draft might well be. And now the decision to keep the whole scouting department largely intact with contracts expiring post-draft seems incredibly bad. This is a draft we could have 3 or even for picks in the top 30 (depending on the Nash trade and other possibilities) and we have a bunch of guys that the organization was so unconfident in going forward that they didn't commit to them past this year. Kind of mind boggling.

Originally Posted by Xoggz22 View Post
If Yakupov drops to the CBJ at #2 and they really don't want him, I would imagine a flip with Montreal would make a lot of sense. CBJ ensures they get their guy and Montreal gets Yakupov to market in a hockey mad city that needs something like this.
If Yakupov isn't #1, the Jackets could be in the cat bird seat...or not. If Edmonton has other ideas at #1, they'd be wise to explore trade options. If they don't trade the pick, it may be because no one is interested--i.e. no one is that hot on Yakupov or the others to trade up...or, maybe Edmonton just asked for too much when all was said and done. There could be all sorts of permutations. Most years I poo-poo the thought of the obvious #1 not going as planned (witness the talk that Seguin might be taken over Hall which didn't go anywhere), but this is a year I could actually see it, at which point it becomes an even more interesting draft.

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