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06-15-2012, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by crunchrulz View Post
Welcome to Syracuse!
Let me add to what has been mentioned and say we are very glad to be added to the Tampa Bay family. Going to be a bit of an adjustment for everyone, but we are looking forward to a good relationship.
The rink here in Syracuse is smaller than regulation. The building is old, with the fans being very close to the ice and the noise levels can be very loud as the ceiling is low as well. There are several rinks in the area for the team to use if the War Memorial at Oncenter is not available, including one at the Onondaga nation Arena which one visiting AHL coach commented is one of the best surfaces they have used anywhere.
As for the fans, we are loud and loyal. We dont expect to win every game, just put forth an honest effort. Over the past four seasons, the teams here in Syracuse had long stretches where they just seemed to not give a rats rear about their effort as long as they got paychecks. The last two years, the team did not wake up until after the first of the year, then played strong.
News coverage is usually weak at best. Most of the local coverage is devoted to the teams from Syracuse University, meaning news for either the Crunch or the Chiefs (Washington AAA baseball farm team) is found somewhere after page three in the local fish wrap or as a filler on the TV stations.
Our owner is unique, but has done a lot to keep the team in Syracuse. He is a "showman", but loyal to the team and the community. Like him or hate him, he speaks his mind.
As for myself, been following hockey in Syracuse since the mid 70s. Seen teams and league come and go. I will give you an honest opinion of the team and coaches, good or bad. If you want sugar coated reports all the time, dont read mine.
July 2nd the Crunch are announcing their new look in merchandise and for the team. Al the Ice Gorilla is supposed to be sent back to wherever he came from (thankfully), so a new mascot should be announced as well.
Again, welcome to Syracuse and we look forward to the upcoming season.
I see you are new to the Tampa Bay organization. Sugar coating will not be necessary.

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