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06-15-2012, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by izzy3 View Post
I had the "luck" to start with a coach who made us stretch like crazy, 10-15 mins before practice. I was hurting all the time, until another coach, a chiro in his dayjob told me that research showed static streching BEFORE is actually detrimental to performance. I did not stretch once ever since, and I am injury free, almost always the quickest guy on the ice.

I'll do a few easy laps, doing crossovers, forwards-backwards, some edge drills, then start doing tight turns / short sprints / stops. Good to go. If I feel tight I'd do a few legswings (back-forth) while gliding on one skate and maybe some hip stretching also while skating (the one Laura Stamm suggest, ya know).
This was my experience as well; I used to take hot shower to loosen up before a game and then stretch. Someone told me otherwise and now I just do a couple laps beforehand and I'm good.

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