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06-15-2012, 11:30 AM
JJ Johnson
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Team BioSteel is popular (in my opinion) because Mike Cammallari wears their hat & t-shirts in post-game interviews (plug/endorsement for a friend of his, or the product he uses... fair enough - I just don't like endorsements being forced like that

I haven't checked their product line in a while, but when I read the nutrition label, it just seemed like a different approach then other performance drinks - an approach that I didn't feel was "optimal".

From what I read, there were no carbohydrates in the drink (their "pre & during" drink) - and this is NOT optimal for a sport like hockey. As well, there was no caffeine or creatine, two helpful substances that also help in hockey.... it's just amino acids (very important) and some vitamins & minerals...and lots of marketing and pushes from their buddies Cammallari and Gary Roberts. Gotta love the fraternity! lol.

Regarding their post-workout drink, again, unfortunately there are no carbohydrates - critically important post-workout! Your body needs carbs to stimulate the anabolic process (= to release the hormones that shuttle the protein to muscle), so with no carbs, it's not very effective!!!

Regarding the price, it's actually not "that" expensive (relatively speaking)... pretty neat trick the other marketing giants have done, the Dairy Farmers (who btw of course supply great funding for these "chocolate milk studies"),,, it's a bit of a myth to think that "supplement products" are crazy expensive and "milk" is somehow not... a large chocolate milk (at Tim Horton's let's say) is about $2.25, giving you ONLY 18g of PROTEIN, 60g of carbs, and 6g of fat... Male athletes especially NEED more protein then that, particularly post workout! So for that "price" of $2.25 or so, you're not getting a very thorough recovery drink... so, per "unit value" sort of thing, I'm suggesting that the "supplement" stuff isn't all that expensive when viewed from that perspective.

Nevertheless, chocolate milk does have it's place, and is a decent alternative if you don't have a more thorough recovery drink available.

Hope that makes sense!

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