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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
The EQ50 is a 4Roll design, yes, but has more of a tighter fit than the CCM or Bauer. Think of it between a 4 Roll fit and a tapered 'Vapor' fit. The new Bauer 4Rolls are a bit tighter on the fingers compared to the older series due to the new EPP foams. I believe the EQ50s should be on sale at most places and is an excellent deal even at regular price. The adjustable cuff (for length) is an amazing feature. However for the price, the Bauers are great as well. Just go for whichever feels more comfortable.
So the EQ50 is a snugger fit ???
I've been trying on some newer gloves than my old '80s CCM Progards.
Tried Sherwood 9950, Bauer 4 Roll and CCM Pro 4 Roll.
Of these, the Sherwoods are too roomy, the Bauers a little less and the CCM's seem best (I like a snug finger and palm fit).
But they all fall short on coverage up to the elbow forearm pads.
most 14s fit better in the hands, some new 15's come almost to the elbow pad, but not quite overlap... but all the 15's were quite loose.

I don;t like having that 1/2 to 1 inch open exposure in the middle of the forearms. Nothing to be done with elbow pads, they all seem about the same (tried on 8 different makes/models...)
I do have a little bit longer arms...

Any other suggestions ???

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