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06-15-2012, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Falco5 View Post
I agree that the the sharks should not be expected to sign a big name free agent on July 1st if they did not own that player's rights prior to then. However I don't believe that is because San Jose is not an attractive place to play. Burns' contract goes completely against that. When he signed his extension he had not played in San Jose yet he still had a desire to sign a long term contract to play for the sharks.

I believe the reason the sharks don't make these signings is because that is not how they do business. Whether it's DW's choice or the ownership's, there is appears to be a philosophy coming from with in the organization that big free agents signings on the 1st are not good decisions.
I disagree only because we know over franchise history about offers made to elite UFA's (With no connection here) and they many didn't seriously want to come here or if they did, had some lame reason for not coming here.

I just don't see how you can discount, over franchise history, the notion that players from the east see San Jose as "no man's land" and europeans see (rightfully) San Jose as very very far away from home. Not to mention that SJ has a horrendous travel schedule year in and year out. Edmonton especially suffers from this as well, so I am not suggesting SJ is the only team with such a problem.

As to Burns, that goes to the point that when people are brought into the fold, in whatever manner, they get sold on SJ for many reasons. They come here, meet with DW, see how awesome SJ/Bay really is. But when it's SJ vs. Chicago vs. Boston vs. Buffalo vs. Washington, with no previous connection here, we get lost in the mix, and I believe it's because of geography (mostly for family reasons, but also travel). No chance to even get sold on SJ when those other cities automatically have a better sell for players from the East or Europe.

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