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04-05-2006, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by LannysStach
this is a fabulous “database” resource! thanks to the puckheads who pulled it off!

as we’re reaching the end of the playing season and approaching the “awards season” maybe you veteran brainiacs can help out the rest of us rookies:

some awards/trophies are non-voting:
Art Ross, Jennings, Crozier, Rocket Richard, +/-, Presidents.

then the Vezina is voted on by the 30 GMs who pick 3 goalies in order – 5 points for 1st pick, 3 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd. I understand that one.

Jack Adams: voted on by “the NHL Broadcasters Association” – how is this different from the “Professional Hockey Writers Association” (who vote on the 6 or 7 other major awards)?

and how many voting members are in each association?
is it 105 or so? or is it half that?
what was this about 1st half / 2nd half voting? do they all get to vote twice a season?

and is it – each member selects whatever 5 players they want, in order, then their 1st pick gets 5 points, 2nd gets 4, and so on?

do all of the Pro Writers also vote on the Conn Smythe? seems to me not all of them do, or maybe I’m wrong about that.

lastly, I notice you don’t list the Pearson, as voted by the players. seems important to me – that the guys who are on the ice all season can probably make a more accurate call than the (albeit smart) armchairs in the pressbox.
does anyone know if this is just one vote per player, or how that one works?
is it all 853 players? plus the 91 goalies who played this season?
I consider the Conn Smythe and the Pearson to be the most prestigious awards in the league. The Conn Smythe because it goes to the playoff MVP, and if you win the Conn Smythe, 90 per cent of the time you also won the Stanley Cup. The Pearson is for the most outstanding player, not the most valuable player (and there is a difference, trust me, just ask Iginla and Theodore), and it is voted on by the players.

But I have never seen a voting breakdown released for either award. Conn Smythe usually has lots of speculation, and several viable candidates, but they usually just announce the winner. An announcement for the three Pearson finalists is made during the spring, and the winner is announced prior to the NHL awards, but I've never seen an exact vote breakdown for the finalists, or all the players who receive consideration.

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