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06-15-2012, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
What is wrong with having your #6 defenseman play like a 6th defenseman?
What's wrong is I don't want him to be our 6th defenseman.

Originally Posted by mooskating View Post
didn't bickel go 5 months without having a goal scored against him while he was on the ice? imo he just wasn't conditioned for the end of the season + his confidence dwindled because any mistake while he was on the ice he got the blame. (del zotto's random turnovers/failure to cover his man+staal pinching in randomly while bickel was already in the zone.. etc.) i don't think bickel was bad at all. i think he had a few bad months be it from conditioning, rest, or mental. he was great for months for what he costs. hell bickel makes the defensive save of the playoffs against ottawa and the next game he has a bad turnover recovers and breaks up 2 of the 3 on a 3 on 2 and del zotto fails to cover his man and bickel gets benched. he's not that bad at all. to say zero chance of making the playoffs with him is just ignorant. especially with the season he had outside of that. we had people saying "i really hope torts knows what he has with bickel" then come playoffs "HES DAMAGED GOODS! GET RID OF HIM!!!"

we def have better coming up, but the guy had a good season. let's not make it sound like he's the reason we lost.
So you're saying you'll be satisfied if he's our 6th defenseman going into the playoffs, next year?

Can anyone here say that?

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