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06-15-2012, 03:52 PM
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As a goalie, my most serious is probably the torn ACL I got while I was playing junior - did the splits across the net at high speed and jammed my lead skate into someone's whose blade was dug in.

Then there's the broken fingers I got when I took a slapper on the very end of my glove hand, the broken nose I got from a fight that took 4 different packs and a cauterization to stop the bleeding over the course of a week (this one was probably the most painful - having a broken nose packed, let alone multiple times, is honestly indescribable), the horrendously pulled groin I continued to play with for several months because my team was in the playoffs, 4 broken teeth from a butt-end to the face, and a cracked sternum I actually got from playing football.

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