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11-27-2003, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by kenabnrmal
Lets have a look at your statement...

1) If you knew anything about the Panthers Org...

Suggesting ignorance on the other's behalf is a perfect way to start a flame war.

2) Roberto is our corner stone

True, which is why he stated as much in his first sentence. I never really thought I'd be defending DRL too much, but he made it clear it wasn't feasible, that it was just for fun. He stated that he knows the Panthers aren't interested in dealing Luongo, so you're wasting your time.

3) Never be traded for a goalie of the likes of Abby...

Probably true, but thats why he included one of the only players capable of scoring 50 goals in today's NHL in the proposal. Abby isn't near as bad as you make it seem, but he's not near Luongo, which is why it probably doesn't work for the Panthers.

4) The idea that any of this supports your suggestion that his offer lowballs the Panthers.

The definition of lowballing as I know it is offering far less value than the player is worth. DRL offered the Panthers a star (possibly superstar) forward, who's one of the only players in the league who's a legit threat to score 50...a starting goaltender...and a very good prospect. While the offer doesn't cover what the Panthers may need, value-wise its anything but a low-ball offer. There isn't a player in the league for whom this offer would be a lowball offer.
Valuewise I think COlorado is overpaying and I'd take the two seconds and deal em for a first. There is 0% chance that Luongo will be dealt. He is untouchable as any. Instead of Ballard, we'd want a forward with potential. FLorida would never do that trade.

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