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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
I posted in the last OT thread about remembering Axis & Allies from my youth (only played once or twice), and wanting to pick up one to play with Stewie. I did some on-line research and decided A&A 1942 was the version I wanted (2009 revision).

Last week I took Stewie to the local trading card emporium / board game store, as the internet search said they had one in stock, price was as good as mail order, and I'll support a local business vs. chain / mail order when I can.

Arrived early evening of their "open game" night - tables available for game play, card trading, etc. (As you well know, I am not nor have ever been, into that scene.)

Alas, A&A not in stock. I told Stewie we weren't going to buy anything, but if he wanted to look at anything, open up any of the public-use games, etc., he could, as we had time. He turns to me, and in a near-panicked voice, whispers, "No!!! Let's go now Daddy, these people are geeks!!"


Axis & Allies 1942 version should arrive today, <48 hrs after order, for only $3.99 shipping, from UPS.
Might I inquire as to the total price you paid? And what was the major difference in the updated version? I guess I could do the research myself but then I wouldn't be bumping my post count that way, would I?

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