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06-15-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Medium Rare View Post
I think "best" is too subjective of a term.

But If Bouwmeester was traded to pretty much any team he would be playing against other teams top players and playing 25 minutes a night.

He might not be an elite shutdown defenseman and he is overpaid (not by as much as many make him out to be though) but with what is being tossed around to UFAs these days his contract looks better every day.

On Montreal he may or may not be the best, it wold depend what you value in a defenseman. It would be like here in Calgary. One faction thinks Giordano is the "best" because they value his physical game, shot blocking and visible emotion, others say Bouwmeester is the "best" because he plays the tough minutes effectively (very effectively if you consider he carried Butler who was WAY over his head in that role). I think the situation would end up being similar.

I find Bouwmeester gets very underrated on these boards because people have this false notion that the only thing he can do is skate well. They question his heart, which is crazy to me because he has to have a strong passion to never allow himself to miss a game in this long because every player suffers injuries. They also ignore the fact he has started playing a bit meaner the last couple years.

Another problem is people taking that stupid Peca video as gospel as if he speaks for every NHL player. The only reason a player would "enjoy" playing Bouwmeester is if they were afraid to be punished physically, which I truly believe Peca was after Tucker destroyed his knee.

As for the guy you quoted since I never saw his post, I would assume I have him on ignore and likely for good reason.
I agree with a lot of your post. The bolded part is where we disagree because Subban and Gorges are the guys who play against the other team's top guys for us. JayBo would NOT supplant either of them in that role. He would be an incredible help shutting down players, but he would be doing it as our second pairing shutdown guy. That is why he is not worth it to our team due to his cap hit. Nothing is meant to demean or diminish JayBo as a player on your team, he is just not worth 6.68 milion to be a second pair guy on our team. Heck, Jackman or Allen are UFA who will do what JayBo can do and will not come close to getting 6.68 million this off season.

So, again, if we were to try and get JayBo, a large contract of some sort would have to be going back your way to ensure we could fit him into our team budget.

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